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APR is the annual percentage rate.

New  (2019/2018) Vehicles APR
36 Month Term 3.00%
48 Month Term 3.25%
60 Month Term 3.50%
72 Month Term 4.00%
(2018 models not previously titled)
Used Vehicles APR
36 Month Term 5.00%
48 Month Term 5.25%
60 Month Term 5.50%
 older vehicles, rate may increase, please call for more info
Share Secured Loans (Minimum $2,500) APR
36 Month Term 4.50 %
48 Month Term 4.50 %
60 Month Term 4.50%
Unsecured Loans APR
36 Month Term 8.50%
48 Month Term 9.00%
60 Month Term 9.50%
 .5% discount for p/r and ACH pmts.

Share Accounts

Account Type Annual Percentage Yield
Share Savings Accounts 0.30%
One Year Share Certificate 1.25%
Two Year Share Certificate 1.75%
Three Year Share Certificate 2.00%
Four Year Share Certificate 2.25%

There is a minimum opening balance of $10 for Share Savings Accounts, and a $100 minimum balance to maintain an active account.  Interest on a Share Savings Account is calculated using a daily balance, and is credited and compounded semi-annually.  There is a $1,000 minimum balance required to open a share certificate, and interest is credited and compounded annually. (APY is the Annual Percentage Yield)

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